How to build pango-modules into libpango?


Is any configuration possible to built libpango including pango
modules statically, instead of standard dynamically loading the
modules? Although the pango is designed to use dynamic loading
for the flexibility, the easiness-to-extend, etc, but building
the module functions into libpango makes debugging easier, and
enables porting GTK+ onto the systems without reliable dynamic loader.

The configure script accompanied to pango-0.12 provides an option
"--with-included-modules" - I supposed this can help me.
Which documents I should read?

When using this option, building process make archive libraries
e.g. libpango-basic.a in modules/basic/.libs instead of the sharable
objects of loadable module. And some symbols calling archived-modules
are pushed into libpango.a. However, "make install" does not install
archived-modules, they should be installed manually. Of course, to
link pango statically, we have to add the options like "-lpango-basic"
(pango-config does not tell which archived-modules should be linked).

Yet I've not tested the behaviour of the statically linked pango,
but if my usage is correct, I hope a few points to be improved.

(a) the objects files for archived-modules are included into libpango.a

or, at least,

(a') archived-modules should be installed by "make install",
     and pango-config should reflect it.

Please let me know the policy of pango designers, about using pango
in statically linked executables.

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