chinese / big5 on caldera open linux

    this question might sound pretty stupid. I have done some programming with GTK on RedHat/ mandrake and everything works pretty well, including showing English/Chinese Characters!
    However, I tried to run it on Caldera Open Linux 2.3. Bad Luck. I can still display the English Characters, but no Chinese characters!  I saw the error message :
    GDK warning: Fondset
     GDK warning: Big5-0
    GDK warning : ISO8599
by the way, Big5 is the font for Chinese ( actually Traditional Chinese)
    Does anyone know how to solve this? This really bogs me down, if I can not solve this issue, I probably has to start everything from beginning with KDE, although I really hate to do so. Since caldera still has a major share of Linux market.
    I will really appreciate your help

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