Re: Input Method of Gnome

Akira Higuchi writes:
 > But you have no need to embed a Lisp interpreter into gtk+! The only
 > thing we(?) have to do is to override some methods in GtkEntry
 > and GtkText, I think.

Yes.  I agree that short time goal would be so.  But, let's think
about future, long time goal.  I believe that the open-end design of
text processing *is* required.  I don't insist Lisp is required, but
I'm sure that some kind of extention is really needed for text
processing.  It could be done with dynamic modules, or it could be
done with extention which comes with scripting languages such as Perl,
Python, Tcl, or Guile.

GTK+ text/entry widget extention is not just for input method.  Say,
how about Ispell interface for text widget with such a extention?

Well, it can be done without any extention, say, selecting word (or
region) by mouse and drag-and-drop'ing it to GUI for spell checker.
I'm not sure which style is good for desktop environment.

Niibe Yutaka

P.S. Code name for #2 or #3: EGG's IM (which is replacing XIM).

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