Re: GTK/GDK XwcLookupString/XmbLookupString equivalent (Tague Griffith) writes:

> What  is the GTK equivalent of Xwc or XmbLookupString?
> I want to take the GDK keysym that I am getting off of a keypress
> handler and convert it into a character using Xwc/XmbLookupString or the
> GDK equivalent.

GDK does not provide an exact equivalent to *LookupString. Instead,
GdkKeypressEvent has a 'string' field which contains the
results of XmbLookupString. 

So that GDK knows which IC to use for calling XmbLookupString,
you need to call gdk_im_begin when you gain the focus
and gdk_im_end() when you loose it. (See, e.g., gdkentrye.c)


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