need to use other character sets

OK, I'm working on the wxWindows C++ GUI toolkit, and I'm in the process
of adding Unicode support to it, since an application I'm making needs to
deal with special native characters not in iso-8859-1 (to be precise, I'm 
mostly messing with the not-widely-available iso-8859-16).

And I need to have it working ASAP (a few weeks).

OK, now I've heard that GTK+ 1.2 does not support Unicode.
(I don't quite *understand* why I can't just to wcstombs() it or something
like that and have gtk convert it back to Unicode and get an Unicode font
from my font server, but anyway...)

But I was told that I could use a fontset (and set LANG env var to the
right character set)
...well, ok, um, how do I set a fontset anyway?

(And by the way, what characters codes do I subsequently give to xmodmap
to map my keyboard to use the special native characters? Do I fake
iso-8859-1 for that, or...?)

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