Re: any problems with the top navigation bar left?

Hi Damon,
On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 19:04 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:

Hi all,

any objection agiant commiting the CSS patch? As I have more ideas in
the pipeline how should I proceed?
Posting the implementation to bugzilla and waiting for 'n' +1 messages?
Announcing the patch here?

The GNOME 2.12 release is on Wednesday, so we should wait until after
that before making changes like this, just in case something goes wrong.

no problem at all. I use the time to work on the docs. Speaking of them. Is it okay with you if I add a note at the top of the docs/*.txt file to tell people that now there is a yelp manual and that these plain-text docs are unmaintained and may contain outdated information. Or shall we remove them in the future (at least from distributions).

I'm still trying to get justification working in Pango, which has been
really frustrating. But that should be done soon and I'll check over the
gtk-doc bugs then. (I need to look at Glade as well.)

I prefer to do gtk-doc work in batches, rather than work on it every
day! (I never really wanted to write it in the first place!)

Understood, I'd just like to controbute to the code. One reason for me is to make it more attractive to developers, so that I don't need to cleanup after them (which is my regular job for the gstreamer project right now) ;)


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