Re: Interface Stability (was Re: xxx-undocumented.txt)


Also, in previous emails I suggested that it probably makes sense
to put default definitions of the three stability levels (Stable,
Unstable and Private) somewhere.  Perhaps on the web, perhaps as a
part of the generated gtk-docs.  This way people can look up the
default meanings of the interface levels.  Haven't gotten any
response about whether people agree this is a good idea or not.
Perhaps this isn't the right list.  If it makes the most sense to
put this sort of information somewhere on,
what would be the right alias to discuss this?

I think the stability levels should be described in the docs somewhere.

I think the easiest thing to do is to add a section to the GLib docs
describing each stability level, and link to those throughout the docs.
It does mean relying on the GLib docs being installed for the links to
be available, but I think that's OK.

If you want to open a bug and put the descriptions in it, that would be
a start.

Sorry about replying so slowly.  I've just created a bug.  Refer here:

I'm happy to update the Glib gtk-docs to include the new text.  I've
never added a new section to the gtk-docs before.  If you could give
me a few pointers about what needs to be done, that would be helpful.
Also, how do you create links in the gtk-docs that point to pages in
other modules?



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