Re: The fast version of gtk-doc.xsl

I have to agree with Shaun about optimising xsl. The reason I persevered
with my own stylesheets rather than optimising Norm Walsh's (or even
just dropping in the yelp ones) was as an educational process for me.

The sort of slow-down that I see in Norm's stylesheets looks to me like
a bad design issue. The xml I was using for a test could be scanned by
xsltproc in a fraction of a second for one pass, Norm's stylesheets took
about a minute. I would guess that somewhere in Norm's stylesheets some
template that is applied to most of the nodes is then calling another
template that walks most of the nodes. i.e. it is an algorithmic
problem, O(n^2) rather than O(n), as opposed to a localised optimisation

The fact that they are so big is irrelevant in terms of processing time,
but it is a problem in terms of trying to understand them and see if
this really is the problem.

In hindsight I should have tried using the yelp stylesheets, they're
fast and pretty (mine are just fast).

 - Callum

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