Re: section.txt: comment lines, indentation

Hi Damon,

>>2nd issue - indentation.
>>What you think about stripping leading spaces from lines, in
>>gtkdoc-mkdb::OutputSGML. Then the section file could be indented and that
>>improves readabillity (e.g. I can easilly fold sections in jEdit).
> You'd have to change UpdateTemplates() in as well.
> I'm not sure this is worth doing. It also means that if anyone has an
> old gtk-doc it will fail, so it will cause a bit of hassle.
project should check the gtk-doc version anyway. As it is up to each project to
support it or not, wouldn't it be a good ideas to support it soon, so that
project can 'rely' on it in maybe one year.
The problem now is that the section files in bug projects get long and folding
eases the hob for the maintainer.

What do others think?

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