Re: Which is best: *.c or tmpl/*.sgml

  As far as I can tell, gtk-doc's goal is to be able to mix the two; my feeling would be that you should follow the module's established pattern (not much of an answer, I know).  Now, if I were a maintainer, which I'm not, I'd be inclined to have the structure of the API doc in the C, and then use the templates for explanations, examples, and so forth.

Thanks for your compliments on the doc-- I hope it's helpful (and more importantly, I hope it wasn't misleading!)


On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 12:12 +0100, Keith Sharp wrote:

I'm trying to help out by improving the API docs for various modules.  I
have finally got to grips with gtk-doc (Aarons doc is excellent), I have
one question: which is considered best using comments in *.c files or
entries in the corresponding tmpl/*.sgml file?

It appears that each module has made its own decision, some even mix the
two techniques.

Any advice would be appreciated,


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