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Owen Taylor wrote:
[ Cc'ing and setting reply-to to gtk-doc-list, since that's the more
  appropriate forum for ths ]

Sorry -- didn't scroll down far enough on the mailinglists page.

So, that won't really be useful. If you have a suggestion of what you
would like to see, it's probably not too hard to implement.

For my purposes, I abstract API info into Eclipse "property" files in the form of, e.g.:

qsort.Name:      qsort
qsort.Headers:   stdlib.h
qsort.Type:      void
qsort.Prototype: void *array, size_t count, size_t size, comparison_fn_t compare qsort.Summary: The qsort function sorts the array array. The array contains count elements, each of which is of size size.

(As extracted from the glibc search.texi texinfo file by a regexec-based parser I wrote just for that purpose.)

Absolutely top-end ideally, I'd like to see the docs in Docbook format, e.g.:

  <funcdef>void <function>sort</function></funcdef>
    <paramdef>int *<parameter>arr</parameter>[]</paramdef>
    <paramdef>int <parameter>(* comp)</parameter>
      <funcparams>int *, int *</funcparams></paramdef>

so I can do something similar for the GTK API.

Now that I know it exists, I'll poke around in gtk-doc and see if I can tinker it to do what I need.


hard part of gtk-doc is collecting the information, not spewing
it back out.


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