Re: Changes to "authors.html" for

Am Mi, den 19.11.2003 schrieb Aaron Weber um 20:19:
> > - You should mention the special meaning of <SUBSECTION Private>, since
> > that is often misunderstood and under-appreciated.
> Can you explain how that works? I'm not entirely clear on it myself.

Symbols listed in the Private and Standard sections do not produce any
documentation in the html, but are otherwise treated like documented
symbols, ie they are not listed in $MODULE-undocumented.txt or

> > - Including docbook tags in comment strings is not hard, but you do have
> > to be consistent. The --sgml-mode argument to gtkdoc-mkdb controls
> > whether tag-like items in comment strings are treated as tags or
> > converted to &lt;...&gt; combinations (with the parameter, anything that
> > looks like a tag *is* a tag). The decision the author has to make here
> > is whether to use this or not: if they choose to use it, it is on for
> > *all* the comment strings (hence the need to be consistent).
> The thing is, most people don't run gtkdoc-mkdb themselves; where does
> this flag get added? in the autogen files somewhere? as an argument to
> make/make install?

gtk+/doc/reference/gtk/ contains the line

# Extra options to supply to gtkdoc-mkdb
MKDB_OPTIONS=--sgml-mode --output-format=xml


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