The fast version of gtk-doc.xsl

First of all let me apologise for the binary attachment. Inside the
tarball there is a drop-in replacement for gtk-doc.xsl. It is a factor of
20 faster than the docbook xsl and supports everything that glib, gdk and
gtk use. It isn't perfect yet, but most of its problems are in the HTML it
produces rather than its interpretation of docbook. It is also rather

It handles all the cross-references and links perfectly. It produces an
index, but since I'm not entirely sure what is meant to be indexed, this
doesn't really work. It doesn't handle the devhelp stuff either, but I
think that fixing that is just a matter of an include and a call-template.

I haven't yet written a DTD for what it supports, but there is a document
to tell humans what it supports.

Ultimately I'm not sure that using it as a general replacement for all
gtk-doc is appropriate but creating a --fast option for people who are
confident that their docbook conforms to this subset could be a good idea.

So, try it and see what you think.

 - Callum

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