Re: ANNOUNCE: gtk-doc-1.1

Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:

From: James Henstridge [mailto:james daa com au]
   * Add infrastructure for including the standard gtk-doc makefile
     glue, so that maintainers of packages don't need to worry about
     keeping it up to date.  See glib head for an example of its use.

James, could you give me some more information about this, maybe with a URL? I think it might be an idea that could stop us from
having to copy/paste gnomemm Makefiles.
You will need to be using automake >= 1.6 in order to take advantage of the new infrastructure.

First thing is to get rid of your current gtk-doc checks in and replace them with a call to GTK_DOC_CHECK():

This provides the standard gtk-doc configure arguments, etc. Then modify your script to call gtkdocize. This script will copy gtk-doc.make into your source directory. If you are using the gnome-common autogen script, gtkdocize will be called automatically for you.

Next, modify the's in your API documentation directories to look something like this:

This is essentially the same as the top of the older gtk-doc's used by GTK, but with an "include" directive instead of directly including the boilerplate makefile rules.

Lastly, edit the toplevel and add the following line:
   DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS = --enable-gtk-doc

This will make sure the documentation gets built during "make distcheck".

That should be enough to get everything working.


Email: james daa com au

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