Fwd: ANN: glib-man glib man pages

Did you ever wonder why there are no man pages for glib?
Did you notice that the glib html doc does not tell you all?
Did that hurt the speed and quality of your developments?

Well, no need to feel sad anymore, I did want man pages and so I did start
a project creating new documentation based on a code review of glib 2.0.1.
You can download your copy of glib-man RPMs today. It contains currently
10 out of 48 parts but it is helpful to me and hopefully to you as well.

as a direct link and a simple homepage at http://freespace.sf.net/glib-man

-- guidod                                      register linux user #81555
p.s. to rebuild the src.rpm or tar.gz, you'd need "xmlto" (and xslt-proc)
        to convert the docbook master into its series of manual page

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