Re: gtk-doc xml stuff

> Can't libxml do validation after the xincludes?

I don't know. But from glancing at the xinclude spec
it seems that it (the spec) doesn't include any 
validation after the inclusion has happened.

> I guess I don't like having to repeat the information, as it is one more 
> thing to worry about when making additions to the documentation.  As I 
> mentioned above, it should be possible to set things up so only a single 
> xinclude is required.

Well, to be picky, you don't repeat anything. You establish the map from
entity name to location in one place and refer to the name in another place.
But I accept that this may be a bit inconvenient when incrementally
a split document (but is very convenient when it comes to packing a complete
document including all entities - in order to do that with xinclude, you
to walk the tree).

> I mean that one xincluded document can xinclude another, and that the 
> path names you use in the xinclude are relative to the including 
> document, rather than the toplevel one.

Just as with subdoc entities. 

But I think we can stop this argument now. If xinclude is more convenient
your purposes, we can certainly make gtk-doc emit xinclude's rather than
for output-format=xml (we'll still have to support entities for

Do you want to look at this ?


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