Re: gtk-doc xml stuff

> Okay.  I was hoping to be able to dump jade and SGML completely, and go 
> with xsltproc for everything. 

Yes that would be nice in the longer term as well, and it is nice that we
seem to have started tackling this in complementary areas.

> After porting the stylesheet, I was 
> thinking of changing the docs to use XIncludes rather than entities to 
> pull in the generated portions of the document.

I'm not sure I'm too fond of this idea. Whats bad about entities apart 
the fact that W3C didn't invent them ? 

> This way, the files representing the different sections can be valid XML 

> documents themselves (so a section could have its own entities, for 
> instance),

You can achieve the same with entities (SUBDOC entities). But it is not so
important that the sections are valid, its more important the the 
document is valid. And you loose validation for IDREFs if you move to 
xinclude, AFAIK.

> and you don't need to keep the list of entity definitions and 
> entity references in the main file in sync.

Well, since the entities are referenced in the main file as well, I don't
see the real benefit.

> Also, XIncludes work recursively, so you could combine a number of 
> reference docs into a larger book set.

I don't understand this comment. Entity references also "work recursively"
whatever you mean by this. And there is no problem to combine a number
of docbook <book>s into a docbook <set>, if you're after that.

But if you do the necessary work...


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