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Zsolt FELKER wrote:


How can I convert downloaded CVS GTK+ 2.0 API docs to pdf/ps output?
I have 7.3 redhat with relevant packages (docbook*, openjade, gtk-doc).
I read the jw manpage and I run this command in the Atk docs source dir:
docbook2ps -u -d /usr/share/gtk-doc/gtk-doc.dsl -l
/usr/share/gtk-doc/gtk-doc.dcl -i atk-sections.txt atk-docs.sgml

I get lot of character data is not allowed errors, and I reached 200 the
max num. error (200). I kill the process after 10 min and and I get a
broken tex file. I am pleased to get any suggestion.
Please send RTFM or url to me (CC to me)!
First of all, the gtk-doc.dsl stylesheet is for HTML output, so you should probably ignore that one. The gtk-doc.dcl declaration is probably okay. The *-sections.txt file is used when generating the SGML, so should be ignored when generating output as well. I don't believe the PS stylesheets use chunking anyway, so you could leave that arg out as well. This would give you:
   docbook2ps -l /usr/share/gtk-doc/gtk-doc.dcl atk-docs.sgml

Which may work.


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