Re: patch to XML docbook output

Peter Williams wrote:

On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 11:06, James Henstridge wrote:
On second thought, I could probably didn't need to get rid of the &nbsp; entities. I only made that change because xsltproc was complaining, and I read your earlier post about the entity. A better solution would have been to add a correct <!DOCTYPE> header to each of the document fragments, which allows us to use any entity valid in docbook markup (because the doctype is missing, only the standard XML entities are valid).

Since the <!DOCTYPE> line is stripped when performing an xinclude, we still end up with a valid document after the xinclude processing. I will include them in the next version of my patch.

I've been experimenting with getting &percent; et al working and from
what I can tell XInclude can't handle entities properly yet -- if I
define &percent; at the top of foo-docs.sgml, it still isn't defined in

It does work to stuff the entity definitions in xml/*.xml, but that
seems a bit unpleasant. Here's a patch (combined with jamesh's) that
does that. So much faster than jade...

As I said in a previous mail, you need to put a correct DOCTYPE header at the top of the xinclude'd documents. With a correct doctype, it works for me (and my latest patches do put a correct doctype when generating XML docbook output). If this doesn't work for you, it would be good to find out why.


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