use of <variablelist> to represent function parameters

Currently gtkdoc-mkdb outputs <informaltable> definitions for the definitions for the function parameter documentation. I assume it does this in order to get a nice layout, rather than for semantic reasons.

One problem with this is that the html output from the XSLT stylesheets don't come out very nicely. The <colspec> elements get ignored with xsltproc because there is currently no implementation of the adjustColumnWidths() extension function. This makes documentation look pretty bad (both the parameter name and documentation columns expand proportionally based on their relative widths).

I would like to change gtk-doc to output parameter lists as <variablelist> elements. It is possible to get both the DSSSL and XSL stylesheets to display a <variablelist> as a table, which gives a very similar appearance. For the XSLT stylesheets, the following works:
   <xsl:param name="" select="1"/>

For the DSSSL sheets, the following should work:
   (define %may-format-variablelist-as-table% #t)

For the XML case at least, this provides fairly nice results. The XSLT stylesheets also allow some additional customisation through the use of <?dbhtml?> processing instructions.

In case anyone is interested, I have updated the pygtk docs to use variable lists formatted as tables:

This also has headers and footers based on Tigert's ideas.


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