Re: How to create docs for signal prototypes

Brian Cameron wrote:
> Damon & Others:
> > > gtk-doc Experts:
> > >
> > > I am writing my own GObjects that define their own signals.
> > > How do I get the Signal Handler Prototypes for these signals
> > > to appear in my generated gtk-docs?
> >
> > They should appear in the docs. (See the GTK+ docs on
> > if you don't believe me!)
> >
> > You have to set up the Makefiles so that they run gtkdoc-scangobj
> > to dynamically grab information about the signals. gtk-doc in CVS has
> > example Makefiles for this. Also see the GTK+ Makefiles.
> I'm looking a little deeper into the situation, and I notice that
> the Makefile that I'm using in my docs directory is calling
> the gtkdoc-scangobj script.

I suspect we don't handle signals for interfaces yet.
I know nothing about interfaces yet, so I don't know if we need to handle them
differently than normal classes.

If anyone can spot the problem, let me know.


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