Re: bug in gtkdoc-mkdb


> Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> writes:
> > 
> > It seems that gtkdoc-mkdb has a minor bug in the function
> > OutputMissingDocumentation.  If all of the functions do have
> > documentation,
> Heh, congrats on being the first person to encounter this error ;-)

I feel like the 1 millionth shopper!

Another weird "bug" if you have all your documentation in place is that
it prints out "0%" like this:

  1e+02% function docs coverage (155 functions documented, 0 not documented)

I like scientific notation but 1e+02% seems a little strange.  Perhaps
a simple if test to see if the "not documented" value is 0 could be used
to know when to print out a more readable "0%".


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