bug in gtkdoc-mkdb

Gtk-doc experts:

It seems that gtkdoc-mkdb has a minor bug in the function
OutputMissingDocumentation.  If all of the functions do have documentation,
then the following error gets generated:

Use of uninitialized value at /sgnome/gnome2.0/sparc-solaris/bin/gtkdoc-mkdb 
line 1769.

This seems to corrispond to this line near the bottom of the 
OutputMissingDocumentation function:

     print UNDOCUMENTED $buffer;

It seems that this $buffer variable only gets set in the foreach
loop if certain if-tests pass.

So, $buffer should probably be initialized to "" at the begining
of the function or the "print UNDOCUMENTED $buffer" line should
be surrounded by a test to see if $buffer has a value like so:

    if ($buffer)
       print UNDOCUMENTED $buffer;

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