Re: GTK+ doc

Carlos Pereira wrote:
> >I'm new to Linux programming and I think that sometimes it is
> >difficult to find, in the Gtk+ documentation, a signal/widget/event...
> >(e.g.: gtk_window_*) that I know the name. Why not adding a content page
> >having as sections: signals, widgets, events... sorted?
> See the API reference, at,
> I think this is exactly what you are looking for.
> It has information for GTK 1.2 and GTK 2.0
> Carlos

I think this person was actually asking for something like the Packages
and Classes frames on the left side of the Java API Reference.  But
instead of packages and classes, the Gtk+ API Reference "contents" would
contain signals, widgets, events, etc.  Gtk-doc doesn't currently
generate anything like that.


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