programlisting and bgcolor

Looking at the current set of documents produced with gtk-doc, the
red/green/blue coloring of text regions seems to be a somewhat arbitrary. My
understanding is that gtk-doc tries to format things so that

- function synopses are on blue background
- parameter declarations are on red
- examples are on green.
- simple inline code snipplets are on white

This works ok for function synopses and parameter declarations simple inline
code snipplets, since the markup for function synopses and parameter
declaration is generated by gtk-doc and inline code snipplets are generally
marked up as literal if at all. But examples currently come out in a mixture
of green and blue, since the green is used only if the programlisting is
nested inside an example or
informalexample, while other programlistings get blue, since gtk-doc
generates programlistings for the function synopses.

I would propose to have gtk-doc add a role attribute to the programlistings
it produces for function synopses and let that role
trigger blue. All other uses of programlisting should get green.

Comments ?

I'd volunteer to implement this if there is agreement.


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