gtkdoc-fixref and install directories

gtk-reference defaults to installing it's HTML output into:


Which is not exactly where people would think of looking for, say,
Pango documentation. The GNOME libraries currently install their
output into:


gdk-pixbuf, now part of GTK+, also puts its stuff into
share/gnome/html. However, gtkdoc-fixref requires a single tree. 

What I'm thinking of doing is to change the gtkdoc-fixref system
so that glib would install the HTML files in:


And an index file into:


And so forth. Then gtkdoc-fixref would simlpy scan all
the files in $(datadir)/share/gtk-doc/indices and create
relative links based on these files. gtkdoc-fixref would
also honor a GTKDOC_PATH variable which could be
set to include multiple index file directories for
people who have packages installed in multiple places.


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