Re: possible patches

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> My current gtk-doc is hacked up a bit, three changes:
>  - print a message on what percent of symbols are documented,
>    and write a file module-undocumented.txt listing the work
>    you have left to do
>  - avoid scanning dotfiles
>  - print module-symbols.txt with the list of all symbols in the
>    module (this is kind of a bad/useless feature I think, I
>    was using it to make the GTK deprecation list)
> Patch appended. The first two changes are maybe worth making.

The 2nd change is fine. I don't mind adding the other 2, but I'd prefer
it if they were command-line options since we already output too much

(1) looks unfinished, by the way:

> +               } elsif ($type eq 'STRUCT') {
> +               }


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