Re: Style questions for RDP

>   - How enumeration members are described (I've been
>     using a <variablelist>
>   - How to describe a structure. (gtk-doc sticks the
>     structure from the C file into the output). 
>     Do we use a <variablelist> for that as well?
>   - How to describe the data members of a widget structure.

Does gtk-doc allow for documentation of object arguments?  Other than
being required for complete documentation of the Gtk widgets, I am
interested in this because of GnomeCanvas.  All the canvas item
parameters are dealt with as object arguments, so I need a way to
document them.

>   - Are enumerations that are specific to a particular
>     widget (but present in gtkenums.h) documenated with
>     that widget? Where do enumerations used multiple places
>     get documented?

I think having widget-specific enums in gtkenums.h is ugly; in my mind
they should be in the widget's header file.  As for general-purpose
enumerations, they should be documented with respect to gtkenums.


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