Re: Mac OS X native menubar

Johan Dahlin skrev:
Easy B wrote:
Hi guys

Now that Anders is not actively coding on the port anymore,  I guess
nobody really is. Well I would love a nice and complete gtk port on the
mac so I'm trying to contribute where I can. The next thing I want to
give a try is the menubar. I'm aware of the long discussion about this
particular case but as far as I know nobody came with a final solution.
It was more like a discussion about creating a special api or not. Well
in my opinion the first menubar should be mapped to the top. This way a
lot of gtk apps would compile out of the box. If it doesn't work he
developer or the porter needs a way to fix the menubar the way it should be.

That's just wrong.

Gtk+ must be able to solve the case when you have multiple menubars.
Evolution for instance has at least two: one in the shell
and one in the composer.

Well, those are in separate toplevel windows, so it's not really a problem in that way.

However, in most cases you will want to tweak the menu layout anyway to follow the standard way of OSX applications, so if there is a small additional API for handling the top menu in OSX, that wouldn't be that bad.


Imendio AB,

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