Re: Serialization in libgobject

Hello Tim,
  Nice to see someone finally addressing this matter.

the request for providing object and strcuture serialization/deserialization
in libgobject has come up a number of times:
and as part of the Buzztard ( project:

basically, i don't think that GObject is going to get (de-)serialization
functionality any time soon.

there are multiple reasons for this:

    After reading your email, it seems you have only looked at my
initial proposal. Please see my last comment on the bug under
concideration and you will find my later proposal to be quite
different than thy first one. At least it doesn't try to provide a
solution but rather a very generic place-holder for others to
implement different kinds of serializations for their objects.

   Moreover, after your email, me and Stefan Kost (fwiw, he is my
room-mate these days)  discussed this a little and concluded that my
proposal still makes sense and even more if we add another call like
this one to the proposed GSerializable interface:

GSList g_serializable_list_types(GSerializable *serializable);

   which would retreive a list of mime-types to/from which the
serializable object is capable of serializing/deserializing.


Zeeshan Ali

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