Re: [PATCH] glib on Minix

On 5/24/06, Leonard den Ottolander <leonard-gtk ottolander nl> wrote:

Last weekend I successfully ported the midnight commander to Minix
(3.1.2). I had to apply the attached patch to make glib (2.8.6) build on
Minix (of course the hunk for applies to configure when
building from prerolled tarball). It disables the usage of fchmod which
doesn't exist on Minix and the building of the timeloop tests as rusage
is undefined on Minix as well.

gfileutils.o: undefined reference to `_fchmod`
timeloop.c: 183: size of rusage undefined

Thanks. I have applied the change.
fchmod is not used anymore in 2.11, anyway.


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