Re: Transformation functions from G_TYPE_STRING to G_TYPE_any

On Fri, 19 May 2006, Daniel Espinosa wrote:

I'm working on add functions to GLib to transform a STRING to GLib's types;
now only exists a way to transform to a STRING but not from a STRING; to do

transformations to string are more of a convenience/debugging feature libgobject offers.

so I need to find the value_transform_int_string function (and the others in
gvaluetransform.c file) in order to write the functions to transform from
STRING some types.

GDA, has some code to transform them, but may is better to have them in
GLib; unless you consider that is better that library must register his own
custom transformation functions.

I had filed a bug in:

i don't think having these in glib makes much sense, as outlined in:
reflected in the bug report.


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