GTK+ >> Cocoa Native Port

So today I was trying to think of something to keep me busy for the next 3 months when I have nothing to do before I start my final assault on my computer science degree.

So I was thinking what is really really missing, and I came up with the mac that mono develop still requires X11 and is a pain to install on my ibook (tried once, gave up with the UI).

So I was having a chat in the #mono chat room and people mention that their was an attempt to port GTK+ to Mac OS X natively!! Sounds really cool!!

Had a look around on google and their doesn't seem to be much information recently about the project/attempts.

I was wondering if anyone was actually actively working on this?? I would happily spend my three months in the summer working on either porting monodevelop or properly more constructively (and interesting/ successful/cooler) porting GTK+, working on what people have already started.

So!! I was wondering if any of you had any information and tips relating to this...... and if their was any actively projects I could join in on.


Ben Hall

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