automated scrolling..?!

Hello all,
            I am using GTK+2.0, i just wanna animate the scroll movement,i.e,automatically from left to right.i have placed a drawing area widget in the box . i am able to move the scroll but i am not able to see any data or signal and rulers, but when it stops finally i could see the data which has been moved to that point!!. i am doing this by using a for loop. In the for loop what i did is just keep on changing the adjX value(incrementing). i did  reverse trace the flow of the movement by clicking at right corner of the scroll bar.. it is doin an "expose_event". i tried sending all the data components like area, width, height so on o f expose_event which i got it doing trace...manually. but not able to understand EXPOSE_EVENT and what it is gonna pass to function call..
by the way what's an expose event? or what actually happens when i click at the corner(arrow) of the scroll bar? how can i implement it manually?

anybody has made an attempt on Automating or Animating the scroll?
thanks in advance,

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