Re: Signal handler bug in GTK?

Sander Marechal wrote:


I think I found a bug in GTK, but it could also be that the expected behaviour is changed, so I thought I'd ask here first before filing a bug in bugzilla.

In my gtk application, the the main() function goes something like this:

1) load a glade XML file
2) initialize some stuff (this causes a few GTK signals to be triggered)
3) connect all glade signals to their signal handlers
4) gtk_main()

Under GTK 2.8.6, the signals from (2) would not cause the signal handlers to be called (because the signals were not connected to a signal handler yet). Under the latest GTK, the signal handlers /are/ called.

Are they really called /before/ you are calling glade_xml_signal_autoconnect () ?

Slightly changing the way you initialize things may have an impact on whether
some signals are triggered before or after you enter the main loop, its also
possible that with another version of GTK+, the signals are getting fired from
code that is deffered to an idle handler or some such.


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