Re: GtkBuilder status

Owen Taylor wrote:

It's, err, wrong to claim that another piece of soft is perfect, and make this piece of soft "perfect assuming that's perfect", and say "is that's not perfect, complain about it, but this piece of soft will still assume that piece of soft is perfect".
Are we living in ideal world yet?

No, it's not wrong. If GtkUIManager was part of some other system,
then maybe we might want to work around its problems, not try to fix

But that's not the case here. Its part of GTK+.
You are not taking into account that people outside have
to work around GTK problems, or they do something in a way
"not supported because we have a perfect thing here".
This "works for me or I'll fix it" may work only for gtk developers, not for others.
This reminds me of GtkTextView::cursor-moved thing.
"What really needs to be done is to do it right", and as the effect,

glade or replacement UI builders will suck much more if there are two
ways of creating menus in them. Inevitably.
So far here were words of two ui builders authors: Johan who
writes gazpacho and makes GtkUIBuilder work well with Gazpacho
and vice versa, and Tristan who dislikes the idea of "only
GtkUIManager" :)


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