Re: GtkBuilder status

Morten Welinder wrote:
> When Glade is used with a recent gtk+, it will write lots of
> properties that old gtk+ will not understand.  Now if those
> properties were non-default that is unavoidable, but it is
> irritating that one cannot readily edit a glade file on a
> new system without hand-patching using Emacs afterwards.
> Can we avoid this problem with GtkBuilder?  One way would be
> to not write properties with default value.  That should cut
> down the file size quite a lot too.

That is actually two different bugs, both of them in glade.
Gazpacho solves one of them by being aware of the default
properties and only write modified properties.
The other one, which is not solved by any gui designers afaik
is to ask which gtk+ version is targeted. To solve this
the gui designer needs to know which version of gtk+ introduced the
property. It also applies to types.


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