Re: Problem with preview and the blocking print dialog

John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
This was my original thought but Matthias and others suggested this.
One of the issues with cairo is that we would have to either run through
the drawing commands on every expose event or save out to a bitmaps
surface which would remove the ability to zoom.  The other option is to
recreate evince in gtk+.  That is not going to happen.

One issue is that there's a good chance evince won't be installed on win32 or OS X. I'm a bit unclear on what you're doing though. I'd have thought there'd be a preview widget that would need to handle expose events and render as appropriate.

As far as the question about about print dialog modality, the win32 dialog api is designed to block until the dialog is closed. It might be possible to work around this using threads, but it would be ugly. I'm not entirely clear on why the helper app needs to be closed before the dialog is closed, though.


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