Re: [RFC] Simple file monitoring API for GLib

On 5/9/06, Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> wrote:

That's the thing - people will see that gnome-vfs has a file monitoring
API, and that Glib has one as well, and they'll think "the Glib one is
at a lower level, so it must be BETTER!".  And they'll start abusing it,
they'll see that it doesn't scale, and blame us.

That is a valid concern.

The *real* problem is that we haven't decided to bite the bullet and
either completely remove gnome-vfs, or to put it below the GUI part of
the GNOME stack.  GtkFileSystem is already a mess because we have to
maintain two pretty complex implementations:  the Unix backend, and the
gnome-vfs one.  A file monitor in Glib will create exactly the same

While the root cause is the same, I don't think the situations are really
comparable. If you look at Emmanuele's code, it does little more than
wrap a GSource around the gnome-vfs file monitor api.


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