Re: BUG: gtk+ 2.8.17 GDK_IS_PIXBUF macro.

Owen Taylor wrote:

You are going down the wrong path here, there is nothing wrong with
this code; as I said earlier, you are linked against two copies of the
GdkPixbuf library. I don't know why offhand, maybe you are somehow using modules from a previous install in a different
prefix or something like that.

Thank you,

This is from a clean build, there is no previous install.

The linker will emit a diagnostic that stops the build if there are duplicate symbols if two libraries are linked in by a command to the loader.

So I had to find how two libraries can be loaded.

The LIBPIXBUFLOADER-nnnn loadable modules are linked against a shared image of libgdk_pixbuf_2_0 because on OpenVMS it is a requirement for a shared image that all symbols are resolved at the time that the shared image is built.

None of the symbols in libgdk_pixbuf_2_0 are referenced in the shared images libgdk_x11_2_0 or lib_gtk_x11_2_0.exe

Now Libtool does not understand how to build or find a shared image on OpenVMS, so it may link in the libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.a library specifically for building some of the images, so that may be what is happening, and it may be awkward to work around this.

Typically I have been letting libtool build things with static libraries, and then after seeing what make install produces, link the static libraries into shared images, and then relink the resulting applications against them.

I changed the my local build procedure that creates the LIBPIXBUFLOADER plug-in modules to also link and replace the gdk-pixbuf-csource, and the build finally completed.

It looks like I have to make the same change to manually re-link pixbuf-demo and testpixbuf before I can see what they do.

Now on to testing.

wb8tyw qsl net
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