Re: [gedit-list] First pass hack of gedit and gtksourceview port to gtkprintoperation

On 5/1/06, Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> wrote:
>   I can
> easily see "current selection" as a useful value for the range
> selector. And
> it should be easy to add.
Yes, but I would prefer to not see it added as a special case (like the
"current page" case).

Doing it like that sounds like pushing policy that should be up to the
app into the toolkit, especially since this stuff is possible with
libgnomeprint... As I said above, I think that a generic mechanism to
choose a custom range of the document to paginate and print is a pretty
basic need: a spreadsheet that wants to just prints some sheets, a CAD
app that wants to just print some views of a project etc, etc

I am not sure that doing it the libgnomeprint way (embedding a custom widget)
is going to work on win32; alex can probably answer that.


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