Re: The printing work has been merged

On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 02:08 -0600, Yevgen Muntyan wrote:
> Hey,
> First of all, I implemented some printing in my application,
> and it works!

Cool! Did you like the API?

> I have a question about generating postscript. Using
> copy/paste method I implemented postscript print backend,
> and it's working fine. While generated postscript is just
> a bunch of page images due to cairo problems, the GtkPrint*
> stuff works fine. So, shouldn't PDF backend be really a
> "File" backend which can write PDF or PS? Or maybe just
> separate PS  backend, in addition to PDF?

Do we want to expose a write-to-ps to everyone? PDFs are a well known
way to send pre-rendered page layouts as files, but postscript is much
less widely known. 

Technically it would be easy to make the pdf backend be a general
backend that had a pdf or ps setting in the advanced tab. I'm just not
sure if exposing that is a good idea. Opinions?

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