Unloading sequence of GTK


I would like to ask how to properly unload gtk from a process image,
when it has been brought there via dlopen. The initial situation is that
I need to enter gtk's main loop in a single process image multiple
times, but that's not possible with gtk as gtk assumes a fresh image.

Hence, I load gtk temporarily via dlopen enter the main loop and after
that's finished, remove gtk via dlclose. When another run is needed, gtk
is loaded freshly via dlopen.

BUT, gtk fails to unload itself completely when dlclose'd. For instance,
the theme library stays in the process image and of course introduces a
dependency on libgtk and all its fellows. Hence, gtk doesn't unload.

Can someone give me an advice on this issue? I browsed and grepped
through the source but it seems if there is a general unloading method I
failed to find it. I'd figure this would go into the fini section of the

Thank you,

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