Re: Gtk+ print support - request for feedback

Michael Sweet wrote:
>> The approach to conflicts is: Remove all choices that conflict with the
>> default settings in the InstallableOptions group, since we don't show
>> these options (that is up to the system configuration tool). For
>> conflicts between normal settings we show a warning icon next to the
>> conflicting settings and a warning text about conflicts in the dialog.
> OK, sounds reasonable, but I predict that users will be asking why
> they can't see those options... :)

I think this is a good idea. Users see everything which they can do, but
are not bothered by options which are not available for the printer's
current configuration. But we must assure that the admin sets the
"Installable Options" really corresponding to how the printer is
actually equipped, for example with an extra step for the "Installable
Options" in the add-printer wizard.


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