Re: Question about GTK+-2.10.1 improvement

Matthias Clasen 쓴 글:
On 7/26/06, choigi <choigi samsung com> wrote:
build up that package, It's wonderful..
I thougth that the performace of gtk+-2.10.1was so high and execution time was so fast

Is it because of droping pango requrement 1.12.0

I don't understand what's the meaning of droping pango requrirement..

That should have read "dropping Pango requirement _to_ 1.12"
GTK+ 2.10.0 was accidentally requiring the development version
of Pango.
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Mattias Clasen.. Thank for your rapid response .

Has gtk+-2.10.0 required pango 1.12 that time ??
Is it pango 1.13 developmetnt version ??
I don't understand .. please let me know why gtk+-2.10.1 was so fast and wonderful

what is the difference of gtk+-2.10.0 and gtk+-2.10.1
thank you in advance.

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