Re: More Recent files questions

Hello GTK+ developers

This is a question I had while working on some gtkmm documentation for
the new recent files stuff in GTK+ 2.10.  Can anybody enlighten me on
the question below?

[Also, the GtkRecentFilterInfo type is a bit confusing to me in
general.  It feels more like an internal implementation detail rather
than an external API, but maybe I just don't understand it very well
-- the documentation is still pretty sparse.  Any help would be

>  There's a RecentFilter
> member function in GTK+ that's not wrapped:
> gtk_recent_filter_filter().  The GTK+ documentation says that this
> function is only really used in the implementation of GtkRecentChooser
> and friends, so I assume that this is why the function was not
> wrapped.
> However, I'm thinking of a situation where you get a list of
> recently-used items from RecentManager::get_items() and you want to
> filter these (i.e. without going through the default chooser widgets).
>  Wouldn't Gtk::RecentFilter::filter() be useful in this case?
> The only problem is that I'm not sure if the underlying GTK+ machinery
> works well for this case (maybe it wasn't intended to) because
> gtk_recent_filter_filter() takes a GtkRecentFilterInfo object, and I'm
> not sure how you would go about converting a GtkRecentInfo object (the
> type returned from get_items()) to a GtkRecentFilterInfo object
> without a bunch of tedious copying between the two.
> Is this a valid use-case?


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