Extra GString functions

A while ago I submitted some patches to add some extra GString functions:

+GString*     g_string_clone             (const GString   *orig);

+GString*     g_string_new_printf        (const gchar     *format,
+                                         ...) G_GNUC_PRINTF (1, 2);

+GString*     g_string_new_vprintf       (const gchar     *format,
+                                         va_list          args);

+void         g_string_vprintf           (GString         *string,
+                                         const gchar     *format,
                                         va_list          args);
+void         g_string_append_vprintf    (GString         *string,
+                                         const gchar     *format,
+                                         va_list          args);

+GString*     g_string_slice             (GString         *string,
+                                         guint            pos,
+                                         guint            len);

I haven't heard any feedback at all on these, good or bad. I note they're
not in the latest CVS.

Can I ask if anyone has any comments on these functions? I consider them
useful - I use them all the time in my own code. Furthermore, at least
the vsprintf() functions are required to wrap certain things in was that
cannot be done with the non-vargs versions.

If there are no objections, I would like to see these merged in to the
main code. I consider one main advantage of open-source projects being
that improvements can be made by 3rd parties - this is one such case.

Comments, anyone?

Paul "LeoNerd" Evans

leonerd leonerd org uk
ICQ# 4135350       |  Registered Linux# 179460

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