RE: Why are people sticking with GTK+ 26.? (Re: GTK+ modularization)

Yup, it was almost entirely performance concerns.

Many of us at PalmSource were pushing hard for 2.8 (2.10 wasn't finished
yet), but it was the performance tests that decided it.  Personally, I
very much want to make sure we can provide a compelling mobile
applications platform, and so want to keep up with the latest stable
release as much as possible.  But we expect performance to be an issue
for us even on 2.6, and we need to build a compelling product before we
stand a chance of providing a compelling apps platform. :-)

I will do a little digging internally and see if I can find more
detailed results of our performance investigation which I can share with
you.  I can tell you that it was something of a high level comparison
(i.e., we didn't try to use 2.8 and then encounter specific problems).
Also, I seem to remember that the speed of text rendering was one


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On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:58:41 -0700, "Jesse Donaldson" wrote:
>                         We're still using v2.6, so folks may not care,

> but I'm happy to share our results (once we've obtained them).  Also, 
> if he'd like, I can try to put Mathias in touch with whoever will be 
> looking at this on our end.

I'm personally interested in hearing more details about what your
motivation for sticking with 2.6 is. If it's performance concerns, (as
is the case with others I've talked to), then I should point out that
I'm personally very interested, and planning on fixing those performance

There's no good reason that GTK+ should have ever gotten slower. So I'll
be working to fix performance regressions. But I need help identifying
them. So anything anyone can share about things they have hit would be
useful. (And thanks to those who have already started identifying things
here on this list.)

cworth redhat com

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