Gtk Printing and evince


I'm porting evince from gnome-print to gtk-print, but I have some

In evince we have the document pages already rendered, so can I take the
pixbuf of the page and create a cairo surface from it and use it in
draw_page signal? I don't know if this is the right way to do it. 

Right now in evince we generate a ps file and use
gnome_print_job_set_file (). By using  GtkPrintUnixDialog and
GtkPrintJob instead of GtkPrintOperation, it works, I only had to use
gtk_print_job_set_source_file () in the same way we used
gnome_print_job_set_file (). 

Which is the right way to do it? Can we avoid creating a temporary ps
file with GtkPrintOperation? or should we use GtkPrintUnixDialog

Carlos Garcia Campos (KaL)
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   carlosgc gnome org
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