Inplace Tips for GtkTreeView (#346992)

Hello all.

I've put together a demo-ready patch for a feature I would like to see
available in GTK+, and am looking for guidance on how to proceed. If
it is deemed potentially worth including into GTK+, I am willing to do
the code work to make it production-ready, especially if I can get
some assistance. If there's no chance of it going in, I don't want to
waste my time.

In short the feature pops up a small window that looks like a tooltip
under the cursor when it hovers over a cell that is either partially
concealed by a scrolled window, or has been shortened due to text
ellipsization. Because it is directly under the cursor, unlike a
normal tooltip, button and keyboard events must be relayed to the
underlying treeview. I've used a similar but external python hack and
find I miss it in other apps.

I put a movie demoing this (including current implementation bugs) at in case applying
and finding an app to test the patch is difficult.

I'm looking for the following:
* Confirmation that it's worth the time to complete the patch, or
confirmation that it would be wasted time.
* If it's worth the time, pointers to documentation on how to
properly handle reference counting in GTK+ so the code can be made
* Optionally someone to champion the process of getting this into
GTK+, or someone else who wants to complete the patch.
* Any comments on how to improve the behavior or the code.

I've gotten only a tepid response in IRC, so I'm trying to figure out
if that's due to disinterest, lack of time, or lack of exposure.

Michael Urman

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